The Impact Of Fitfulness On Men

If there is anything negative about a man it’s the word fitfulness. The word fit comes from Latin, ‘fit’ being used to describe a tight-fitting garment. And ‘being able’ here refers to being able to sit, walk, stand and even breathe without any difficulty. In many ways a man who is fit represents strength, bravery and virility.

However, for all of the positive associations that fitfulness can have with manliness, there are also negative ones. Being unable to maintain a certain degree of fitfulness with a woman can be a major turn off. A man who has no respect for his partner’s feelings or who doesn’t listen to her complaints about his own shortcomings is no better than a dog that barks constantly and can’t be tamed. And although we’ve been conditioned from birth to value outward beauty, the fact is that many men have problems with their inner beauty and fitfulness is one of the first areas that show up.

So what causes fitfulness in men? One of the most common reasons for this is a belief that his woman does not love him. Research into relationships has shown that men often equate love with closeness while women correlate closeness with affection. As a result when a man feels emotionally disconnected from his woman he becomes worried that she doesn’t love him as much as he does. When his feelings of love are in doubt he will do everything within his power to ensure that his feelings for her are secure in the belief that he will always be there for her.

A man who is not emotionally connected to his woman also believes that they are not meant to be together. Feeling this way prevents a man from allowing himself to feel love because he is convinced that he cannot give her what she wants. If he were to allow himself to feel love he would realize that he does not need to control his woman in order to love her.

But how does fitfulness impact men? Men who are in long term relationships with women who are less emotionally connected are likely to experience more fitfulness than those who are newly single. This may be due to the fact that these men already have an intimate relationship with their woman and therefore have become convinced that they cannot be alone. However, on a day to day basis many men still maintain an intimate relationship with their partner even though they are now in a committed relationship.

Women can help a man overcome his infidelity by helping him to recognize his own lack of emotional intimacy with his partner. If a man truly wants to overcome his fitfulness he needs to be honest with himself about how he feels about being alone and loved by his partner. Then his woman can reassure him that he truly does love her and that she is the only person who can make him feel this way.