The Benefits of Being Fit

The word fit comes from the Latin word “fuit” which means purpose. By fitting you mean having the ability to move freely and comfortably while doing the activity or job. The concept of fit comes from the way we perceive ourselves and that is by what we think others will find us to be in terms of our physique, height, weight, muscle mass, and other physical attributes. Being fit entails that the individual is happy with themselves and what they have been given as a gift of being human.

People who are not fit do not take good care of themselves, have poor concentration levels, have high stress levels, and they are moody and irritable. Also, people who are not fit to feel unattractive and like all their time is wasted. They also tend to have lower self-esteem. A person who is fit has an abundance of energy and does not give up easily especially if he has been set on a goal.

Most people want to be fit and look beautiful at all times. But it is hard for a person who is not in good shape to look gorgeous and appealing to others. Most people do not take into consideration the importance of exercise and eat diets that are low in fats, sugar, and calories but at the same time do not lead to starvation. A person who is fit has the will power to say no and stick to what he has decided to do.

A fit body gives a boost to one’s morale and gives the feeling of satisfaction. It helps a person to excel at work or school and in sports. If one gets it, he tends to feel relaxed and tension free. A person who is fit can run, lift weights, swim, dance, hike, and play any sport. Being fit helps in building up confidence as well.

There is a lot of available information about health and fitness. These may include how to stay fit and healthy. A guide to healthy living may provide details of what to eat and what not to eat. One can easily get these guides and instructions from the Internet. One can also join clubs and join health and fitness camps where trainers provide information on how to achieve a fit body.

Many activities may be helpful for a fit and healthy individual. Aerobic exercises, yoga, swimming, jogging, walking and dancing are some of the many options one can try. Staying fit is beneficial to a person’s health and mind. People tend to be happy and comfortable when they are healthy and fit.