Is Fitfulness a Friend or Enemy?

The word “fit” has been used so much today that it has been rendered as synonymous with desirability. The desire for fitting in to a social group or a society has been central to all forms of art since the start of artistic creation. This is not only true of the sculpting of marble or granite but also in painting and pottery.

Art is created by the artists who make us want to take pride in our lives by the way they have designed them. In a world where beauty is malleable and man made, there is a longing for the simplicity of life that only the hand can give. This creates an inner need to have a relationship with the creator. To have that perfect work of art, you must be able to appreciate it and have a desire for it.

Most people will not admit it or seek it out, but they feel a longing for love. There is a fitful desire for a mate and a companion. It is not always a healthy desire. When a man has met his mate of many years and he still has not found the right kind of mate for him, then this is the most obvious manifestation of fitfulness.

There will be those moments in your life when you will think you are simply not happy. There may be times when you wonder if your partner is not as enthusiastic about life as you are. Or, you might find yourself constantly arguing with your partner, just to resolve some small problem that you feel is not getting resolved. All these pecuniary disagreements do not help either.

All these arguments do one thing. They strengthen the bond of unfitness. A fit person will always want to be around those who are healthier. That is their natural tendency. A fit body symbolises health. Therefore, the first rule to being able to survive in a marriage is to get fit.

But, you need to be careful not to overdo it. It is a normal expression of fitfulness but it can become an unhealthy habit if you allow it to take over your whole life. Instead of putting on weight, why not try working out or taking up a hobby or something that you are interested in. This way, you will have fun and you will be working towards a better you.