How to Achieve Fitness Success – Develop Your Mind to Fit Into Your New Lifestyle


How to Achieve Fitness Success – Develop Your Mind to Fit Into Your New Lifestyle

The word “fit” is very often misunderstood. We often confuse the term “fit” with “being happy”. Happiness is the key word! So, let’s go back to the root and clarify this: “fit” comes from the Latin root Fatus, which means forceful or hard, implying that the body has a certain amount of force behind it when being fit.

A fit body is composed of strong, durable tissues and organs. It has a well-balanced, symmetrical structure in its entirety. There is no sign of excess fat in the body and the excess tissue.

To be fit is to be contented. The mind and body are connected; you can’t have one without the other. When the mind isn’t happy then the body won’t be either. You will not be able to move freely and well at all. This is because you are worrying and fidgeting about your current state of health.

The key to fitting into our society is to first accept our current shape, size and condition and focus on how we can improve our condition by improving these three aspects. If you are constantly worrying and analyzing your shape and size then, your thoughts will turn to how you can improve upon them. This negative energy tends to push you into negative thoughts. Focusing your attention away from the problem will enable you to create a positive path towards a fit body.

It doesn’t matter what you do to get fit. You will always gain more if you are positive and patient towards your body. Focusing your thoughts and attention on your goal will push you to reach your goal faster. Your mind will be on your goal instead of the discomforts of your present condition.

Don’t allow the pressures of society to wear you down. Get yourself fit and discover the new you. Being fit can change your life forever, so live it to the fullest! begin deep within your mind. Fitness experts agree that the way you think determines your ability to control your body. The best way to reach your fitness goals is to develop a solid plan and follow it daily. Write down your goals and visualise yourself reaching each goal. Remember the positive mental images you have created. The next time you feel a little intimidated or pressured then use these images as a reminder that you can achieve your fitness goal.

Fitness is about taking action. It is about getting up every morning and getting your butt off the chair in the morning. It is about working out a minimum of three times per week. Fitness is about being committed and having the patience and perseverance required.

Remember the mental state you are in when you exercise and eat right. Be in the right frame of mind and your body will respond accordingly. Fitness does not have to be something that is hard for you to do. With some commitment and perseverance you can start leading a fit lifestyle that will benefit you and those around you for years to come.