Fitness Dating Service Works For Active Singles


Fitness Dating Service Works For Active Singles

A few weeks ago, I was flipping through an internet magazine online when I stumbled upon an article titled “Fiteness: The Art of Finding, Developing and Enjoying Your Uniqueitness.” In the article, contributor Kari Heistad highlighted her personal journey to finding her own “perfect match,” and provided a plethora of examples of how she had found herself with men who shared many of her fitness goals. From her own athletic experience, to dealing with insecurity about her physical appearance, to accepting her own flaws, she shared how she came to learn the important nature of being “fit.” Through her own Fitfulness column on reddit, she now shares these tips and advice with other singles looking to make themselves infinitely attractive to potential mates.

Fitness is one of those topics that always generates a heated debate among readers, but Fitfulness provides a unique twist on the fitness world. Rather than merely offering tips and tricks for getting fit, Fitfulness takes on the task of finding a fitness partner through the process of sifting through Reddit’s “fit” community. After identifying several key criteria necessary for a fitness partner, and comparing the prospective partners to Fitfulness’ ideal fit candidates, the site utilizes a dating system that allows users to browse through editors based on their Fitfulness evaluation. The resulting matches are generally of the same fitness level as the user or near so, with some individuals falling just a notch or two below the ideal fit.

Because Fitness is an independent website rather than a dating site, it is free to join. Still, the service does provide a few perks. Users may create their own Fitness profile and view recent activity, and can create matchmaking threads for fellow editors. Their correspondence is also facilitated by the Fitfulness editorial team, which has been in place since early May of 2009. As one of the first major independent sites to feature a fitness section, Fitness manages to combine a little bit of professionalism and humor in a site aimed specifically at the fitness seeking public.

Perhaps best of all, Fitfulness offers the benefit of being completely anonymous. Unlike other fitness dating services that attempt to pair active singles with members looking for a casual companion, Fitfulness ensures that matches are matched with active individuals based solely on their own physical appearance. No one on Fitfulness will know whether or not you have pedicures and manicures just because you decided to sign up for their service. Similarly, no one on Fitfulness will be able to deduce how much you enjoy working out based on your responses to their questions. A positive fit rating is certainly something to look forward to on a fitness date, but for serious relationships a secret is a better option.

In addition to its use as a matchmaker between fitness-minded singles, Fitness is also a social forum in which people can create posts about recent activities and comments on current events. It has a fairly active community, and the Fitness editorial team is quick to respond to requests. At one point, moderators of the community even went so far as to block a contributor who posted negative comments about the health benefits of a fitness membership. The entire thing, however, did little to halt the rapid growth of the subscription numbers. In fact, the number of Fitneses signing up each month continues to climb.

At the time of this writing, Fitfulness has become one of the fastest growing internet dating sites for active singles. Its editorial team is hard at work crafting articles geared toward individual fitness daters and offering helpful tips for signing up for the service. If you want to experience a fun, fast-paced internet dating experience, then give Fitness a try. You might just find a lifelong fitness date waiting for you!